Integrated Production

IMAS products and systems are produced with the principle of global quality management, and delivered to customers in nearly more than 100 countries where IMAS provides service. The production facilities of IMAS have ISO 9001:2015, CE and TSEK quality standards, high material quality and production systems, which are beyond the standards of the sector. The whole production process is managed by the ERP system, and the product plan is determined by a systematic procedure.

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By means of our new investments, we aim to keep the path to success of IMAS to a much more accelerated level by moving our new factory to a size of 60,000 square-meter. Our new factory site in the 4th Organized Industrial Zone has parking lots of 42 cars, 1 km length walkway, basketball and volleyball courts, and some arbors to chill out. The layout of our factory is made compatible with the machine manufacturing process and planning, and minimizing the waiting time. By means of 1850 square-meter warehouses, the arrangement has been provided in the factory site.

Akış Kontrolü

Fabrikamızda Türkiye’de bir ilk olan konsol vinçten 19 adet yerleştirilerek aynı holde aynı düzlemde aynı anda 3 adet vinç çalışır hale getirilmiştir. Toplamda 32 adet vinç ile kusursuz üretim sistemini destekleyerek fabrika içerisindeki sevkiyatı hızlandırdık.Boyahane, kaynakhane ve marangozhane gibi bölümler fabrika içerisinde ayrıştırılarak boya, toz, dumanın fabrika içerisine salınması ve kendi içlerinde filtrelenerek solunmasının önüne geçilmiştir. Kaynakhanenin etrafının da kapatılmasıyla fabrika içerisindeki sesin izole edilmesi sağlanmıştır. Yenilenen yaş boya hattımızak daha önce fabrikamız bünyesinde olmayan statik boya hattını da ekleyerek iyi olan boya kalitemizi mükemmel hale getirmeyi amaçladık.


As IMAS, we go on developing and improving our products and engineering approaches continuously. Along with our investments on 6 kW fiber laser, we have increased our speed in sheet metal processing by 3 times. By means of our investments on 5 axis CNC, we have increased productivity by more than 40 percent by giving a new dimension to machining. With the CNC Router we have reached a very high production speed and quality in cabinetry. By increasing the speed in parallel with the welding qualities along with the new welding robots and welding machines, we have the opportunity to offer better quality and more efficient products and services.

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We are able to perform machining processes without errors with 2 x 5 axis moving table CNC, 1 x 5 axis moving spindle CNC, 4 x vertical machining CNC, 1 x double column machining centre, 2 x CNC lathes, and 10 x Universal workbenches that we use to complete all other processes, and with our CAD-CAM programs. We complete the operations with high precision and quality without manufacturing restrictions thanks to the 5-axis machining centres that have added to our machine park in recent years.

Sac İşleme

1 adet fiber lazer, 1 adet karbon lazer, 1 adet cnc makas ve 3 adet cnc abkant büküm tezgahı ile çelik, paslanmaz, alüminyum gruplarının hassas şekilde kesim ve bükümünü yapabilmekteyiz.

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Welding and Joining

In addition to our uninterrupted welding capacity, thanks to more than 50 Mig – Mag – Tig – Electrode welding and our central gas distribution system, the materials are welded perfectly in a single pass with low heat input and high-performance thanks to 1 x 6 axis, 1 x 11 axis welding robots with synergic welding program.

Paint Shop

We can perform both static and wet painting of 6 meters long, 3 meters high parts perfectly, either after sandblasting or chemical cleaning, with our 3 x independent wet paint and 1 x static paint lines located on 2100 m2.

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We assemble Band Saw, Mill Cleaning, Roller Mill, Quadro Plansifter, Feed Machines in our 5 different assembly lines on 3 separate halls. At the end of the line, we carry out the final checks after the machines are started with our test stations specially adjusted for the machines. With the applied kaizen and continuous improvement activities, our roller mill assembly lines have reached the capacity to produce 1 roller mill every 3 hours, and our development studies continue in all our lines.