Imas Inc.

Imas, established as daughter company of Loras Holding in 1989 to manufacture machinery and equipment with high quality and technology, operates under the brand names of Milleral in grain milling, Viteral in feed plants, Cuteral in the bandsaw industry, Steral in prefabricated steel construction industry, and ProSupport in after-sales services, and adds value to these industries with its professional, administrative and technical staff.

Our company, which has made turnkey flour and feed mills in more than 100 countries and manufactured thousands of bandsaws since its establishment, serves its customers with the "Trust First" principle and prioritizes the satisfaction of its business partners with its high sense of quality and fast after-sales-service.

Our company, which is among the top 10 companies that invest the most in R&D in the machinery manufacturing sector, offers quality and innovative products to its customers with the first R&D Centre of the sector, equipped with the latest technology, which is the reflection of corporate engineering experience.

The basic principles of IMAS to protect and establish his trustable and innovative position are:

 Imas Inc.
  • Sürdürülebilirlik
  • İnovasyon
  • Çevrecilik
    Environment protection
  • Globalleşme
  • Bilgi Yönetimi
    Information Management
  • Uzmanlık

Offering turnkey integrated flour and feed mill solutions to its business partners thanks to its production in sectors that complement each other, IMAS not only carefully controls the quality of the machinery and equipment at every step with its Quality Assurance Departments but also guarantees it with world-renowned quality certificates.

As a result of 32 years of experience and worldwide service, it is proud to take firm steps towards its goals by being among the top 1000 exporters of Turkey in recent years.