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Collaboration of Imas Machinery and Maxtex Engineering Corporation

Collaboration of Imas Machinery and Maxtex Engineering Corporation

Imas Machinery and Thai machine manufacturer Maxtex Engineering Corporation collaborated. As to this, Imas undertook the dealership of Maxtex in Turkey; Maxtex undertook the dealership of Imas in Far East. 
Operating in machinery manufacturing industry, Imas of Loras Holding signed collaboration with Maxtex Engineering Corporation, well-known machinery manufacturer in Far East. Regarding the agreement, Imas Machinery undertook the Turkish dealership for Maxtex’s Maxsort optical color sorter; and Maxtex will carry on the dealership of milling machinery that are manufacturer by Milleral of Imas and turnkey projects in Far East. Signing a 5 year contract with Maxtex which has a long and full of experience background about color sorters in Thailand, Imas Machinery will start to give service to its current and potential customers in a new area by adding this company’s products to its portfolio. 

Stating that they are aiming to be a solution partner in all kinds of grain cleaning and grinding business of the customers by developing collaborations with industries close to milling industry that they operate in, Mustafa Özdemir, Executive Manager of Imas Machinery said: “I present my best wishes for our company and group about the agreement that we made with Thai machinery manufacturer Maxtex. I think that the collaboration of these two companies that are operating close industries and are strong in after sales services. We have a trade network reaching all around the world and a detailed database.  Our company that has exported to nearly 70 countries so far carries the technology from Central Asia to Middle East from African countries to Turkic Republics. We delivered 14 turnkey projects last year and apart from that we started a milling capacity of 4,600 ton/day in total through machinery and equipment sales. Maxtex Company has a large and serious market in its own area. We are targeting to carry out joint marketing operations and accelerate our growing by taking advantage of synergy to be created by the alliance of these two sales networks. Our works to develop new business collaborations in especially international sales and after sales services continue.”